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1291 Group is more than one of the world’s leading advisors for Wealth Protection Solutions.

At the core we believe family is the most precious value. We treat our clients and partners the same way we treat our closest. This is what makes all the difference in this world.

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We are connected

The markets will change, the strategies also, but what stays is the worldwide connection of first-class knowledge and long-term experience we share with families, our clients and partners. Within our 1291 family you are connected to an international group of top professional experts in the field of Private Wealth Solutions.

We are licensed in over 36 countries, we work with over 51 insurance companies in over 15 different jurisdictions and offer tax compliant solutions for clients from over 50 countries.

Our Geographical Footprint & Country Compliant Solutions

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Our formula "PATEC"

No matter how wealthy you are, your basic needs come down, financially speaking, to the acronym PATEC, or Privacy, Asset Protection, Tax Optimization, Estate Planning, Cash or Liquidity.


This is not about hiding money in order to evade taxes; this is about protecting family and family wealth from predators’ sights. The challenge today is to provide privacy in a legal and compliant manner.

Asset Protection

Wealthy individuals are a target for crime and litigation. When privacy is no longer sacrosanct, personal wealth is at greater risk from litigation claiming product or professional liability. A solution is required that provides asset protection even though the existence of the assets are known to third parties.

Tax optimization

In today’s world, the consequences for evading taxes or wrongly reporting returns are draconian. At the same time the tax burden may be growing in your country. A solution must be found that allows easy reporting and legal ways to optimize taxes.

Estate Planning

Probate can take up to two years for heirs to get access to funds. Forced heirship rules, difficult family situations and complex inheritance laws, in general, may require special solutions with an appropriate holding structure.

Cash or Liquidity

To meet the cash needs of your heirs, for business, lifestyle, educational or other reasons, we can provide life cover of up to $100 million. This makes insurance the ideal holding structure, either as a stand-alone solution or in combination with other holding structures.


Our Practice Areas

Fixed, Variable and Private Annuities and Endowments

Private Placement Life Insurance Policies

Premium-Financed Universal Life Insurance

International Pension Plans and Pension Administration

Partnering Global Fiduciary Advisors

Supporting Family Offices

Precious Metals

Engaging Portfolio Managers and Private Banks



"Family is the source of and inspiration for great values. - Therefore, we adopt family values for 1291 Group. Family is forever. – 1291 Group focuses on a long-term client approach, for you and the generations to come."

Chairman of 1291 Group

We care.

We aim to establish a long-term relationship with you, through the ups and downs of life and markets, to ensure financial stability and well-being for your family as well as for generations to come.

We will honor the spirit and intent, as well as the requirements, of the applicable rules or code of professional conduct for our jurisdiction.