1291 Group Switzerland

Victor Sonnevelt


Educational background: BA in History
Several Language Diplomas
Professional stations: Over 20 years' experience in the Financial Industry: Of which more than 10 years in Private Banking and the last 5 ½ in the area of PPLI Solutions
Important values: Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result. -Oscar Wilde-

1291 Group Switzerland Ltd was founded in 2000 and has since grown to be the largest independent advisor in Switzerland in the field of private placement life insurance.

Based in the heart of Zurich, we provide tailor-made solutions to private investors, asset managers, family offices, estate planners, trustees and other advisors. In the core of our planning, we use insurance concepts, either stand alone or in combination with other structures, such as trusts, foundations, companies or funds. We work with over 20 insurance companies and offer tax-compliant policies for clients in over 50 different countries.

The 1291 Group Switzerland Ltd is a Swiss-registered financial services company. It is licensed in Switzerland to provide insurance consultancy services and is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

Our Oath of Independence:
Ensuring Quality Tailor-Made Wealth Protection and Insurance Solutions

How do we do it? We work with over 20 insurance companies in 15 different jurisdictions. With this geographical breadth, we are able to offer tax- compliant insurance solutions for clients from over 50 countries. Our typical clients are investment professionals and their (ultra-) high net worth clients. Our global financial solutions include:

  • Private placement policies (life insurance or annuity plans)
  • Universal life insurance (including premium financing)
  • High death benefit policies
  • Private and personalized pension plans and pension administration
  • Introduction to seasoned and successful portfolio managers and private banks
  • Assisting in the set up of trusts and companies by referral to our cooperation partners

Before entering our range of products, these are all tested and proven through our specialists. Our partners in the financial and insurance sector go through a thorough evaluation process and are continuously monitored by our experts.
Financial professionals and investors from all over the world benefit from our tailor-made investment solutions.


For more information about our Insurance Solutions, please contact us: info@1291group.com.

Patrick Knecht


Educational background: 30+ years a Service Provider within the Financial & IT services area. Federal certificate in Project management further specializing in operational excellence and organizational Development (University Witten, Germany)
Professional stations: 15 years CEO and owner of a Business & IT Consulting Company specializing in corporate optimization, process & cost efficiency. 8 years as CEO/COO of Skandia Leben AG.
Important values: Strive for continuous improvement - never stop trying, failing, learning, because there is always a little more to achieve

Yannick Häni


Educational background: Master of Law in international taxation (LL.M.) and Bachelor of Business Law (B.LAW)
Professional stations: CEO of 1291Group Asia since 2016, Sales Partner of various 1291Group entities since 2014, Sales Manager for Northern Europe for Valorlife Life Insurance Company from 2012 to 2014
Important values: You have to learn the rule of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else. - Albert Einstein

Merve Aksoy


Educational background: Commercial apprenticeship EFZ and Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Business Administration
Professional stations: Over 5 year experience as an Accountant in an international company in different sectors. With the 1291 Group since 2018.
Important values: Surround yourself with good people. Do what makes you happy and be grateful for everything you have. Appreciate your life. You will attract positivity, happiness and joy.

Francine Ringhofer


Educational background: Over 30 years of experience in diverse management roles within the insurance industry. Completed a Master's course (MAS) in Advanced Studies in Business Excellence, with a Strategic Management Master's thesis at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) in Switzerland. Additionally, pursued advanced studies in Private Banking in Liechtenstein and obtained certification in AML & Compliance.
Professional stations: Francine Ringhofer began her career in management roles at a prominent Bank and Credit Card Company. Since 1991, she has worked in the insurance industry in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, holding positions such as Head of Operations, Sales Director for Life Insurance, Member of the Executive Board in the PPLI business, Product Manager, and Head of Legal & Compliance for both life and non-life insurance areas.
Important values: Embrace new challenges, innovate processes, and share knowledge.

Galina Strub


Educational background: Gakushuin University, Japan ( Intercultural Communications & Japanese Language). University of Portsmouth, England ( International Trade & English).
Professional stations: Great experiences of learning and working abroad.
Important values: My family is the most important thing in my life. I enjoy learning new things and can adapt quickly to changes. My values: commitment, flexibility, fairness and integrity.

Oliver Dätwyler


Educational background: Master of Laws (LLM)
Professional stations:After Law School at University of Zurich, first function at Compliance & Regulatory Specialist at Private Bank and later KPMG. 2007 diploma in Compliance Management (DAS) followed by several years as Legal Counsel at Credit Suisse focusing on OTC Derivatives, Securities Lending, REPO as well as Precious Metals Transfer to Relationship Manager for UHNWI Russia Desk at CS. 2013 to 2017 UBS at the UHNWI Russia and UK desk in Zurich. Responsible for market entry of a foreign controlled Bank in Switzerland.
Important values: Wonders are many and none is more wonderful than a human being.

Adrian Lüthi


Educational background: Master of Business Administration at the University of Zurich and Murcia (Spain) / 20 years' experience in the Finance industry, thereof 15 years international PPLI tax and wealth advisory / Post graduate studies at ETH Zurich.
Professional stations: Past: Successfully building up the PPLI business with one of the top-tier Insurance companies in Switzerland/Europe. Today: PPLI expert in the Latin American markets, Israel and Turkey / Broad working experience in New York and Spain over 2 years.
Important values: More than believing but living: Trust – Long-term partnerships begins with a trustful relation. Quality – Focused on best possible solutions to protect and maintain family wealth. Tailor-made – Every client is special and unique. Private – Understanding family needs as a dedicated father and husband.

Daniel Koller


Educational background: Doctor of Laws (Dr. iur.), 20 years of experience in the financial sector, different management positions in the past
Professional stations: Employments with several domestic and international insurers, currently member of the Executive Committee of 1291 Group
Important values: I envisage to create an added-value to the concrete situation. I believe in trust, partnership and loyalty. The only way to build a strong work ethic is getting your hands dirty.

Petra Fuhrmann


Educational background: Commercial apprenticeship EFZ and 30 years of banking experience. Bachelor in Private Banking and Financial Planning. Fluent in several Languages.
Professional stations: 20 years in Private Banking Client Advisory for HNWI. With the 1291 Group since 2015.
Important values: The whole shall always be more than the sum of its parts (inspired by Aristotle).

Victor Sonnevelt


Educational background: BA in History
Several Language Diplomas
Professional stations: Over 20 years' experience in the Financial Industry: Of which more than 10 years in Private Banking and the last 5 ½ in the area of PPLI Solutions
Important values: Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result. -Oscar Wilde-

Alexander Mitev


Educational background: Master Degree in Finance and Economics, University of Zurich
Professional stations: Chief Representative Credit Suisse Group in Russia, Founder of different companies
Important values: Fairness. Pursuit of Excellence. Innovation. Partnership.

René Dechamps


Educational background: Belgian-Spanish with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (UCL) & eBusiness Masters from Solvay Business School.
Professional stations: International Serial Intra/Entrepreneur in the areas of Internet and Data & Analytics in Belgium, USA & Spain. Associate Professor in various Business Schools like IE or ISDI. Currently, 1291 Group Partner, based in Spain.
Important values: No ego, honesty & transparency, accountability, customer focus, resilience, excellence, and passion.

Florence Keller


Educational background: BSc in Business Law, currently studying law at University of St. Gallen
Professional stations: Experience as legal assistance in one of Switzerland's leading law firms, intern as support to the CEO and legal department at EMS-Chemie AG, over 3 years of experience in marketing
Important values: Until you dare to take on new challenges you wouldn't discover your full potential.

Anna Zannelli


Educational background: Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Business Administration
Professional stations: 4 years of hotel business experience in 4* and 5* hotels. With the 1291 Group since 2016.
Important values: The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Serge Hediger


Educational background: Master of Laws (LL.M.) & Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Professional stations: Co-Founder and Managing Partner of various 1291 Group entities since 2014. From 2007 - 2014 CEO and Board Member of an Irish and Liechtenstein based international Life Insurance company with more than EUR 5 billion AuM. Various management positions with a listed Swiss Insurance Group from 1996 - 2007. Board member of the Liechtenstein Insurance Association from 2008 - 2015.
Important values: Cooperation. Even the most complex tasks can be made simpler when we focus on the solutions - together.

Daniela Ramelet


Educational background: Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Business Administration, Commercial apprenticeship EFZ
Professional stations: More than 13 years of professional experience in accounting and recently in HR, in several national and international companies. With 1291 Group since June 2021.
Important values: If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.

Sinan Schudel


Educational background: Sinan is a multilingual and multi-talented professional with a diverse educational background and a passion for learning. He holds a Federal Diploma of Commerce and is fluent in five languages, having studied Building Technology in Switzerland and Business Administration in Canada. Sinan has also obtained two LOMA Diplomas and completed his CFA Level 1 exam, gaining valuable experience in the international insurance industry along the way.
Professional stations: Sinan's career has taken him from a Tax office in Switzerland to a brief stint in the tech industry with Google in Zurich, and then on to one of the largest insurance companies in Canada as a financial analyst. After returning to Switzerland, he co-managed the family engineering company, honing his entrepreneurial skills and expanding his professional experience.
Important values: Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. – Albert Schweitzer
He loves establishing meaningful connections and helping those around him, both in his professional and private life.

Martino Leonardi


Educational background: Financial Planner, Certificate of National and International Tax Law, over 20 years experience in wealth and tax planning at various banks and unit-linked life insurance companies
Professional stations: Member of the Executive Board Rheintal-Assets AG, Member of the Management Baloise Life Liechtenstein AG, Member of the Executive Board 1291 Group Switzerland / Europe
Important values: Love and family are the most important of all values in life. Honesty and respect is something for strong people. The best ideas reach me, when I imagine, I am my own client.

Jonas Berger


Educational background: Bachelor's in Business Administration from Swiss Business School, with a focus on Entrepreneurship. Expertise in Family Office Structures & Wealth Preservation. Holds a Harvard Business School Certificate in 'Alternative Investment.'
Professional stations: With 3 years of experience as a junior professional, Jonas has been involved in acquiring and selling residential and commercial real estate, as well as managing portfolios comprising real estate, hedge funds, stocks, structured products, and ETFs in Switzerland.
Important values: 'Ambition, drive, execution.'

1291 Group Switzerland Ltd.

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