1291 Group Precious Metals

1291 Group Precious Metals Ltd provides trading and physical storage services for precious metals, mainly gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Our customers are private investors and institutional clients such as investment funds, portfolio and asset managers, insurance companies and banks. While our main trading office and physical storage facilities for precious metals is located in Liechtenstein, we can also provide storage services in London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Panama.

We are one of the very few physical precious metal storage houses providing full-cover insurance in the name of our clients, as opposed to general (non-individual) insurance coverage.

Our clients may trade their precious metals or request physical delivery at any time. We can assist with physical delivery to almost anywhere in the world.

Ernst von Mecklenburg


Educational background: Insurance Specialist, graduated from Instituto Universitario de Seguros, Caracas / Lloyd Chartered Institute, Marine
Professional stations: Partner and Director of Waveca, Corredores de Seguros, Caracas / Regional Manager for Latin America of Zurich Insurance / Founding Partner of Strategic Alliances
Important values: I believe in family and friends. I believe in long term relationships with customers, serving them as a friend and in a holistic manner.

Axel Böhler


Educational background: MBA, Master in Information Technology
Professional stations: Working more than 30 years as an independent business and IT consultant in the financial area.
Important values: I believe in family and friends. I believe in the basic values of our culture. In times of political correctness and paternalism I believe in the spirit of freedom. I believe in excellence and outstanding performance.

Axel Paul Diegelmann


Bernd Diegelmann


1291 Group Precious Metals Ltd.

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Phone +423 262 10 30
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