The Gold Standard: Storage and Maintenance of Physical Precious Metals

A precious metals depot is a wealth protection tool, sine qua non! In times of economic uncertainty and instability, buying and possessing physical gold and other precious metals is the ultimate solution to stabilize and secure your investment portfolio. Gold bullion is the ultimate insurance and, given its ability to maintain a high value, should be viewed as an essential part of an investment portfolio. There are many reasons why buying gold and/or precious metals is a wise investment. Besides its insurance qualities, it is also an investment into a steadily-growing asset class.
Your investment will be safe in one of the largest precious metal trading houses for gold, silver, platinum and palladium. For intermediaries, law firms, institutional and individual clients we provide:

  • Storage services for physical precious metals in Liechtenstein, London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Panama
  • Precious metal trading facilities
  • Worldwide delivery
  • 24/7 access to your stored assets in Liechtenstein


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